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Practice with trust.

Practice. It's the only way to get better. Exputt lets you practice with accuracy as it precisely measures your putt in real time.

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What you'll receive.

It's so simple: a putting mat and a camera that loads the simulator when hooked up to a TV. You'll be putting in minutes.

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How you'll improve.

4 modes to hone your skill: Practice, Train, Challenge and Game. Improve your putts, then face off in competition.

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Get ready to score lower.

With practice comes success. Win more matches. Lower your handicap. Make Sunday afternoon games more fun.

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Must have! Super quality, easy operation and fantastic putting results. The one thing for every golfer who wants to improve his game.

Outstanding Putting Sim! The accuracy of this system is unbelievable. The ability to change the green speeds, distances, and the putting analytics make this putting training device the best one I've ever tried.

Excellent aid. Exputt is an amazing putting aid that I felt translated directly to the golf course. I found myself practicing putting longer than ever before. The sensors are accurate and the mat is sturdy.

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