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Our Story

"How can I practice putting at home like in the real green?"

We couldn't find the right device anywhere, so we invented our own.

Exputt Putting Simulator Story

Silicongraphy is a semiconductor company established by Dr. Jin and his team. Since 2008, they have been developing the semiconductor and the technology that can decode video images into accurate data. Their patented technology has been outputting positive results, and it's been implemented on big corporations' indoor golf simulating devices.

Dr. Jin spent most of his time in the lab, but whenever he finds some time to spend for himself, he usually went out golf courses. It's such a big relief to play golf in green with friends, but it's always tricky to get good scores because of putting. He always had hard time for putting. After work, he tried to practice at home with the generic putting mat but it's not efficient since he couldn't tell if his putting is improving or not, and working in the same condition over and over is so boring and it's hard to practice even for than 20 min. He tried to find a more advanced putting device, but it's too expensive and also very loud which his wife might not happy for it. He started to find right product to satisfy his needs.

'What if people can exercise putting at home? Like long or short distance... quiet... get accurate stats and analysis? More importantly, just like you play in the green, you can play different courses with different green speed, so at the end you spent hours without noticing it?'

He couldn't find any putting device like that, so he decided to make one with his team. That's how we started Exputt. Now, we're expanding our market to America with our exclusive distributor, Blue Square Company.

We always listen to customers' voices! We are the tech experts, but customers should help us to improve our services for better experience, so please feel free to reach out to us for any concerns or suggestions.